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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weight gain

The Pills and the Woman’s Sexual Desire by James Pendergraft
The pill or the oral contraceptive is an orally ingested birth control contraceptive. They are made from estrogen and progestin, and they operate by thickening the cervical mucus that changes the endometrium and reduces the transport of the sperm. It does not interfere with intercourse process, and it has a relatively low failure rate,5815 Ugg Classic Tall Black Boots. However, when some drugs are interacted along with it like certain antibiotics and antiseizure medications, its effect may be reduced, or inhibited.
The Pills and Your Sex Drive
For the past years, there have been many researches and studies conducted that confirm that the pills have the following side effects:

1) Weight gain

2) Depression

3) Inhibit sex drive by decrease in libido, decrease in sexual enjoyment, and decrease in the lubrication during sexual intercourse.
Fortunately, these side effects disappear once the intake of the pills is inhibited. The effect of the pills is directed on the woman’s sexual hormones. These pills inhibit the production of hormones like androgens and testosterone in a woman’s ovaries. The androgen has a direct effect on the pleasure that is experienced during sexual intercourse.
The birth control pills also increase the sex-hormone-binding globulin in the body. The said hormone binds readily to the testosterone and prevents a woman’s body from directly using it. This results to a decrease in libido and sexual desire.
In January 2006, a new study was released that illustrates the long-term effects of using birth control pills on the female libido. This study finds that women who use pills showed a constant decrease of sexual desire compared to those that do not use the pills. It was further found out that the women who discontinued the use of such pills have to suffer from long-term side effects.
Can Birth Control Pills Decrease a Woman’s Sexual Drive?
The answer to this question generally depends on the woman and her body. When you are on a pill, you are readily given estrogen. This process tricks the body into thinking that it is pregnant; therefore, it would not release an egg for the month. In reaction to this, your body will act in the same way it does when you are pregnant. The libido in the body will be dormant during the period. This theory is not altogether true. Recently, there are some pills that are marketed that are known to increase a woman’s sex drive.
The Solutions
If you are really worried that taking in birth control pills would decrease your sexual drive, you can use other contraceptive methods that are just as effective like the injectable contraceptives or intrauterine devices. These methods are proven to be just as effective, and they just might not decrease your sexual desire. You could also take in other pills that could enhance your sexual desire. These pills affects you in such a way that they:

1) increase your libido and sex drive

2) intensify the sensations you feel and speed up your arousal

3) increase blood flow to your genitals and encourage lubrication

4) and increase the likelihood of multiple orgasms.

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